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Welcome to Ma-Ke Bonsai. My name is Mark D'Cruz. I've been growing bonsai for over 30 years now and started Ma-Ke Bonsai about seven years ago to fulfill the need of trying to get bonsai to a larger audience. At Ma-Ke Bonsai, we have a whole host of bonsai trees from around the world: Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and even a lot of European countries music We have over 2,000 trees of all different levels and abilities. We have over 450 species both indoors and outdoors, and I'm sure there is something for everybody who would like to visit. At Ma-Ke Bonsai we also have a bonsai school that caters to all levels of bonsai enthusiasts. We have a business course, advanced course and a master level course. The business course has become very popular now and is usually fully subscribed. We also have classes for advanced students where we discuss things like repotting, soil development, building forest, creating roots over rocks and other specialist areas. We also offer bonsai services where we style your tree or repot your tree or just look after them while you are on holiday. Thank you for visiting us online and we hope to see you at our nursery soon. Happy bonsaing.

Uploaded: 07/10/2014 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
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