Mark D'Cruz on Sunday Brunch

Mark D'Cruz of Ma-Ke Bonsai on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch

We're here with bonsai expert Mark DCruz. Youre joining us Larry Lamb as well. Interested in bonsai trees? Im fascinated by them, Fascinated by them. Welcome to the show. Youre a bonsai expert and you've been running Ma-Ke Bonsai school. How many branches does that have? We did not just go there. No one would forgive me if I hadnt done that. So what makes you a bonsai expert? how long have you been doing this for? Well Ive been growing bonsais for about 30 odd years but as a professional about seven years ago, I decided that I'm going to take this on as a lifetime profession. So this is a career for you. It is now a full-time career for me and I teach students how to grow bonsais. So basically, what exactly is it? Does it just have to be a small tree in a small container. What are the rules of bonsai? The rules about bonsai is that the bonsai should look like a tree. When youve made your bonsai look like a tree youve reached the pinnacle of bonsai. So it has to look like a tree. If for some reason it looks contorted or doesn't look quite right in the pot or in its surrounding, or in the story that youre trying to tell, we're still not quite there. We still have to carry on. The story? Every bonsai tells a story. This one, for example, is telling a story that it's leaning over riverside. You can see it's called a cascades target. Its leaning over a riverside. Its on a mountain, on the bank, and its leaning over the riverside. This one has had some sort of accident happen to it. The inside has been carved out and it's on a ... The one at the end is growing by the seaside. Its been blown in and buffeted in by the weather. But theyre created to look like this. They don't look like this originally. No they dont. Does it start from a tiny, tiny when it's just beginning to grow, from a seed? Do you start right from the beginning? You could start growing it from seed or you could wait 30 years before you begin to see the fruits of it. The better option is to collect one or go to a bonsai nursery and get what we call pre- bonsai. Its stock for bonsai where the nursery man has grown it a long time before it's ready to be bonsaied. So how big does it have to get before it's considered not to be a bonsai? Because this looks very big to me. I would have thought bonsai was much smaller like the one in front. Well, there are many ways of measuring bonsais, of classifying bonsais. Some people, theres one school that says, if it takes one person to carry it, its a one-man bonsai. For something like this, you can just about getaway with carrying it with one. That one, on the other hand, requires two to three people to carry it for example, so it's all about, that's one way of classifying. The other way, of course is how it's grown. This is a cascade style. This is grown in the broom style, and that one is grown root over rock because it's sort of a mountain.

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