Creation Of Mountain Forest - Bonsai Technique Series

Creating Landscapes can be a great pleasure, I sure had fun creating this one. Enjoy

Drill holes where required Secure 1.55 mm bonsai wire into rock with quick set putty All wires secured and ready for bonsai Start placing bonsai on rock, smaller trees towards the back of the rock. Larger ones in front to provide scale. If required, use extra keto to firmly secure bonsai to rock. Bind keto root ball to rock with the wire. Use wire to form a mesh over the keto Ensure mesh is well secure. compact all keto and create ravines and gullies to mimic water flow. Blend edges of keto into rockery nooks and crannies. Finish by placing pads of fresh green moss onto the keto.

Uploaded: 03/03/2015 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Mark D'Cruz
Tags: Bonsai Landscape;Bonsai Forest Groups;Bonsai Forest on Rock;Bonsai Group Display

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