Ficus Bonsai Trees Care - Bonsai Trees for Beginners Series

Ficus Bonsai are very popular Bonsai. They are reputed to be difficult to manage, but follow a few basic rules and they are a joy to behold, and a surprisingly easy bonsai tree to care for.

My name is Mark DCruz of Ma-Ke Bonsai and today Im going to talk to you about Ficus bonsais. Ficus come in many different forms and shapes. The most popular one is the Ficus Retusa or the Chinese Banyon as its called. Then we have the Ficus Carica which is very hardy and grows in the Mediterranean part of the world. And then last but not least is the Ficus Panda. Ficus are easy to recognise. They usually have dark green waxy leaves and they are usually ?? The Ficus Carica, on the other hand, has a palmate kind of shape, with three palms rather than five. The Ficus Panda has a roundish leaf shape or a deltoid leaf shape. In the UK or in Europe, they will not survive outdoors so they can only grow indoors. They start off as low shrub growing trees so they can actually take quite low levels of light. I know trees that do about 400 Lux to about 500 Lux and they do quite happily with that kind of lighting. They like a humidity of about 65% and above. Ficus Panda need to be watered quite regularly. Pots should be watered when it is feeling dry to the touch, and when you do water it, water it thoroughly so that water drains right through the pot. Do not let the Ficus Pandas waterlog because their roots rot very, very easily. If you let the Ficus dry out, they will drop their leaves. They are very susceptible to extreme changes in water levels in their roots. Feed the Ficus about three to four times in the growing season. Use a balanced feed of 4/4/4 or perhaps even a 6/6/6 at the most. If youre using a liquid feed, then feed it every 15 days or every two weeks. Ficus are robust trees so they are quite resistant to pests. The only thing that they really suffer from is scale. Ficus can suffer a lot from scale. You can treat the scale with a weak solution of soapy water and oil. I use one teaspoon of Fairy liquid to one teaspoon of olive oil in one litre of water and then spray it with a spray gun. With reference to humidity, again, spraying a Ficus as often as you can is great. The Ficus like to be sprayed regularly. Ficus are rigorous growers and you prune them as and when required. They are continuous growers so they grow all through the year, Winter or Spring. They dont really have an extended dormant period like other species. They tend to be continuously growing. Ficus cuttings have a very high success rate. All you have to do is keep them in a humid environment and 80 or 90% of all cuttings will root. If you get seeds, they need to be sown very fast or as soon as they arrive, because Ficus seeds do not have a shelf life, so they have to be very, very fresh when they are sown. When it comes to repotting, Ficus can be repotted because they are vigorous growers, every two to three years. The older Ficus, perhaps every four to five years. And thats how you care for Ficus bonsai.

Uploaded: 07/10/2014 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
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