Carving Workshop With Will Baddeley

Will Baddeley, a self-taught and self-made Bonsai Artist has been practising the art of bonsai since 1997. Will was launched in to Bonsai limelight, when he represented UK and came third in the New Talent Completion, 2002 in Trevarez, France. Bill who has long had a love for nature and trees, has bought this passion into styling and creating very natural Bonsai. Bill's passion and understanding of native species shows clearly, vividly and passionately in all his work. Will who is a bonsai stylist par-excellence is helping us develop our Carving Skills to help improve our Shari and deadwood creation techniques.

Uploaded: 24/07/2015 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
Tags: Bonsai Carving;Ma-Ke Bonsai;Will Baddeley;Bonsai Deadwood;Shari Carving;Shari

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