European Tree Species to Create Bonsai from - Bonsai Trees for Beginners Series

Growing Bonsai is great fun. Growing species you are familiar with is even more fun and is a great way of growing your Bonsai collection quickly and often cost effectively. This Series will present how to bonsai commonly European tree species and will include, Beech, Hawthorn, Elm, Maples and many more to come. Each of these European Species will be explored in their own videos.

There are lots of different species that we can use for bonsai. In fact, I generally believe that you can use any species for bonsai. Some of the very large leaved species may be a little bit problematic but we dont have too many of them in tropical areas or the Mediterranean areas. Any species of tree in Europe and in the British Isles can be used as a bonsai. The advantage of using a local species for bonsai is, one, theyre very easily available, they are cheaper to get, you can go hunting in your local mountains or areas to find trees with interesting characters, and because, theyre local, they can grow outside quite easily. And of course the trees that youve grown up, you have an affinity and a liking for, for your own trees. Its a healthy way of increasing your bonsai collection and learning about your environment too. You can collect bonsais, again from nurseries, you can collect seeds from parks and close by and grow them from that, or you can collect seedlings that you will find popping up under trees and open spaces. Once theyve grown a bit, you may be able to identify them better. Dont go nicking things from places that you shouldnt be. Once people know that youre collecting trees, youll find that you start being given trees that you never thought youd have access to. A great place to find them is if people are building new houses close by to you, generally, they will be digging up the older gardens, and you find lots of trees being thrown off into the skip, so trees thrown off in the skip, and youd be surprised at the number of trees that you can make into bonsais from that lot.

Uploaded: 28/07/2015 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
Tags: European Bonsai Species;Bonsai Tree Types;European Bonsai Types;English Hawthorn;Field Maple;Acer Campestre (Organism Classification);Crataegus Monogyn

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