How to make Organic Fertilizer - Homemade Recipe for Bonsai and house plants

Organic Fertilizer Making for Bonsai has a distinct advantages, as you know what is in it and you can control what it get and when. In this video I shall show you how to make organic fertilizer at home. This particular recipe while excellent for Bonsai is just as good for House-plants and Vegetables as I use it in my allotment too great results.

The base for the organic fertilizer that I use is rapeseed mulch. With it, I use a seaweed meal or seaweed mulch which is again quite easily available. I use one litre of neem mulch. Neem is an Indian tree and I use the dried leaves from it. Finally I use molasses. The formula for the mix that I use is five litres rapeseed mulch, 5 litres of seaweed meal and one litre of neem mulch and 500 millilitres or half a litre of molasses. Once youve got these together, put it into a blending pot. Blend it thoroughly with some water. While blending it, you make it into a paste that is like a runny dough. You mix just enough water to get it to that consistency and once its totally blended, you keep it in a warm room so that the sugars are released within the mixture. Once, after about two to three weeks, when you can really smell it quite pointedly, it's time to tray it up or put it onto flat trays. I would put it about one and a half centimetres deep and let the fertilizer become dry a bit and then slice it using a sharp knife or whatever device you have on hand and then the final step is to dry it in the Sun Once thats dried, you can break it up into cubes and youre ready now to use the organic fertilizer that you made.

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