Caring for Mame Bonsai - Advance Bonsai Technique

Mame or Very Small Bonsai Bonsai by Their very nature are difficult to grow As They Tend To have special watering and humidity Because of Their size requirement.

Mame, less than 10 centimetres tall. They grow in very small pots and because of that, they need special attention. You water them in the humidity tray itself. When youre watering them, it collects quite well, and also by being in the humidity tray, if it dries out on a very warm day, often the Mame will send out little roots through the holes in the bottom of the pot into the soil. You put soil into a pot that holds a lot of water. But again, it doesnt like sitting in water. Mames, because theyre smaller trees, doesnt like sitting in water, so the tray should have holes in them so that the excess water drains out and the humidity is still maintained in the soil. Because theyre so small, generally I would grow them on a protected area. Every now and then, you need to cut off the roots from below so that the tree doesnt get too weakness otherwise you will have a big tree instead of a Mame tree.

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