How To Care for English Elm or Ulmus procera - European Species - Bonsai Trees for Beginners

English Elm or Ulmus procera, is a great bonsai tree for beginners to grow in Europe.This video shows you how to do care for Bonsai Ingls Elms Practically Which was wiped out by the Dutch Elm disease, but does manage to survive well as a Bonsai.As a bonsai it has small leaves, fine branching, great bark With fine furrows and fissures, and forms excellent nebari or trunk and root flare.Find out more and see how maybe one day you Able to bring it back to Europe again populating

The English Elm is a very popular bonsai species. It has, as a bonsai, extremely small leaves. It ramifies very well which means it gets lots and lots of branches and it takes pruning quite easily. Because of that, they make elegant small to very large bonsais and even small mame bonsais. When they grow to full trees, their leaves can be 10 centimetres, between 8 10 centimetres long. The leaves are generally longer, oval shaped. Theyre longer than wider, oval shaped leaves. they are serrated, singularly serrated. The veins are not as pronounced but they are quite pronounced but not as pronounced as a Beech, but they are quite pronounced. The English Elm died out in the wild because of the Dutch Elm disease but they tend to survive because it doesnt have enough mass for the Dutch Elm beetle to invade the tree, so its a generous way of propagating the English Elm and making sure that its there for posterity. They grow very easily from cuttings. They grow very easily from seeds so theyre easy to propagate, so propagate as many English Elm bonsais as you can because one day they might just discover how to deal with the Dutch Elm disease and we may have the English Elm back in the wild. You only need to prune in May, June and then again in July, August or September. The branches are a little fibrous so you need to use a sharp scissors so that you have a clean cut. Repotting in Spring is as good a time as any. As with most native trees, you can repot any time of the year. Just make sure that you protect the tree having repotted in Summer or even in Winter.

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