How to Care for Field Maple Acer campestre Native European Species as Bonsai

How to Care for and identify Acer campestre Bonsai, or Field Maple as it is commonly known is native to England and much of Europe, it makes delightful bonsai and is relatively easy to grow and bonsai. It forms stunning Nebari and has attractive rounded lobed leaves and reddish brown young stems

Field Maple or the British Isles own native Acer. The leaves are palmate in shape The leaves are reddish, orange petals which are about four to five centimeters long. The tree has a lot of character because even though you can't see the flowers in spring, the fruit, they are hanging Samaras so they hang from the tree and they look quite interesting. The bark is smooth to rough with a browny-grey colour. It pits quite easily where youve got a branch so it adds quite a bit of character to the trunk because of that. The nebari or the root structure of Acers is exceptionally good like most other Acers, but in the field maple or the English Maple, it's particularly attractive. It can make the tree look quite old in very short times. They generally make between small to large bonsais, so where to grow them? Again, they grow in a nice bright sunny spot. They dont mind a little bit of shade. They can grow in a shady spot too. Water only when the pot is dry to the touch. Prune in May, June when the extension have stopped and the growth has been full and you find lateral branches emerging at the back of this years shoots. Repotting. Again, in Spring with British Isles and local species, Spring is a good time to repot them. Propagation from seeds. The samaras is very very easy. Cuttings, not so easy. They have a low success rate. You can collect it very easily from forests or from nearby parks.

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