How to Prune Itogawa Chinese Juniper Summer Pruning - Bonsai Trees for Beginners Series

Juniper Itogawa are well know in the Bonsai World as They Have lush green foliage, fine branching and excellent trunk movement and barking.We show you how to undertake summer pruning on Your juniper bonsai specimen.Music: As I Figure - Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Uploaded: 11/09/2015 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz;Sid Butt Film by: Mark D'Cruz
Tags: Ma-Ke Bonsai;Bonsai;Bonsai Trees;Ma-Ke School of Bonsai;Chinese Juniper;Itogawa Juniper;Juniper Pruning;Chinese Juniper Pruning;Itogawa Juniper Bonsai Pruning;Juniper (Organism Classification)

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