PART 1: Bonsai Pot Preparation - How to pot on a Olive Bonsai with Tony - Bonsai Student Series

Tony an Advanced Bonsai practitioner demonstrates how to pot on a European Olive. This Field Grown Olive is one of many Field Grown Stocks that adventurous students at Ma-Ke School Of Bonsai pot on in their pursuit of pushing their bonsai skills and exposure to the next level.

Uploaded: 09/10/2015 Presenter: Tony Ulatowski Film by: Mark D'Cruz
Tags: Ma-Ke Bonsai;Bonsai;Bonsai Trees;Ma-Ke School of Bonsai;European Olive Bonsai;Olea europea Bonsai;Wild Olive;Field Grown Olive;Olive (Organism Classification);preparation;bonsai pot

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