Jade Bonsai Afircan Jade or Crassula Ovata Bonsai - Tropical Bonsai Trees for Beginners

The Jade Bonsai or Crassula ovata is an ideal Bonsai Tree for Beginners it is forgiving and can tolerate the occasional 'I forgot to water by bonsai' syndrome. It grows very well indoors and can loves a sunny window ledge. Its succulent leaves help store water when there is abundance of water and release it when there is not too much around. It hates the cold especially the frost and can die almost instantly if exposed to a night of frost.

Uploaded: 13/10/2015 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
Tags: Ma-Ke Bonsai;Bonsai;Bonsai Trees;Ma-Ke School of Bonsai;Crassula Ovata (Organism Classification);Tree (Literature Subject);Gardening (Interest);Green;Jade Tree;Jade Bonsai;African Jade Bonsai

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