PART 2: Tutorial on Preparing Root Ball - How to pot on a Olive Bonsai with Tony

Part 2: Of this videos show you how to prepare the root ball, of this field grown olive, for potting on. The root ball has to be substantially reduced and we show you how to safely do so.

Heres the exciting bit. I enjoyed doing that process. It sort of sets me up mentally to do the next approach that were going to go through. So this is a filled grown olive tree which basically means its been in a field for about18 years and its been growing and its been cut, been growing and cut, and this is why we have this lovely looking sort of trunk and the exciting thing for me is when we get it out of the pot and start working with it to see how it all unravels. So now weve got the process of taking it out of the pot. What Im using here is my mallet, just gently tap to loosen it off. Right. Beautiful. Did you notice how easy that was, just to come out of the pot there. So with the nebari, just work it, cleaning off to expose. Again, beginning too like the look of this. What Ive also learned is just to sort of, to have this really nice, taper down to the spread. So systematically I just want to use the toothbrush to have a look at that as we go. Just work round it a little bit more. Just expose it. I like to attempt with the metal chopstick here so that Im not digging in, digging in to the root and sort of taking the time to expose, and its just having that confidence that you just systematically work, scraping, releasing and exposing and so therefore youre making decisions as youre working, so sometimes every stroke is quite relative. Youre looking and observing as youre developing. Its quite solid through here. You see if I dig in that way, we just ripping it off so I need to just expose I dont know what, just for me, its almost like a cliff face. This side is sheerer here and then coming down and over it. Its quite pleasant to explore. Whether I will leave that totally exposed, Im not sure yet but thats the beautiful thing about bonsai if youre going to be repotting, and repositioning, exposing so ... Later on, this area here, we can do some dead wood treatment and a bit more of the other aspects of bonsai training, the creative bit of changing it in different ways, working that which is something I'm looking forward to learning and progressing to in that journey. Olive trees in the wild have lots of dead wood. Lots. Lots and lots. So we can get that. Now I need to take the sides off a little bit more and I need to expose a bit to trim up and make this root ball a little bit tighter. So, now, for me the important, again, every process is important, wiring up the pot etc. Now weve decided approximately where the level is going to be in the pot, its important to measure the depth of the pot, so therefore we know what were going to take off. So we dont expose or take way too much of the root ball but just take away what is necessary for the pot. Well work in, so you just need to start to loosen off. Ive got my line so I know where Im going to be working into, just want to loosen off first of all so I can see, and this really didnt. So there we have it, and were going to just check, a nice 360. There we go. What were going to do now. Im just going to have a look in the pot and then Im going to clean all this up so we can get on with the next stage. Right. There we go. So if I put it back on there. So you can see, what Im quite pleased about is that when we put in the soil, its just about positioning and getting the position right because weve done all the other work. The preparation is the key and you can see where Im working on that line where the soil.... You can see where the soil is going to sit in here and slightly bevel down into the pot. Im very pleased with that and what I want to do is get tidied up ready for the next section

Uploaded: 14/10/2015 Presenter: Tony Ulatowski Film by: Mark D'Cruz
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