How to Use Common Bonsai Tools - Bonsai Trees for Beginners Series

As with and any other pursuit have the right tools make the work on hand much simpler and faster. Bonsai enthusiasts have many, many specialist tools available to them, in this video we show you how to use some of the common bonsai tools.

My name is Mark D'Cruz of Ma-KE Bonsai and with me is Johnny Gariss and we're going to demonstrate our master range of bonsai tools. Johnny's going to demonstrate how to use a Jin plier. In this instance, he's first going to twist the bark off the branch. You cut off the knob just along this ridge and the knob cutter is an ideal tool for cutting the stub away. The branch cutter now cuts this branch off all together. He's first going to cut off that bit so that the branch is knocked off, and then he'll cut cut off along the ridge out here so that the branch heals properly. The branch splitter is used to cut a branch horizontally along, or rather along the centre of it so it is then easier to bend. However, it's not an easy technique to use and not advised to be used lightly. That's an ideal weight. And then you just afterwards, you bend it easily along that line and it bends much simpler. The root shear is used for generally cutting heavier branches, but it will be devastating on some finer branches. The fine twig shear is used to cut fine branches, green branches preferably but, brown branches up to two millimeters thick and that's how you really cut it off. It's better to cut in between and remove all the stubs so that the branch heals properly after that. The coco brush is an indispensable tool in the bonsai artist toolkit. It helps with removing any unnecessary rubbish from the surface. The bark is an important aspect of any bonsai and the coco brush is a great tool to help you clean and tidy it. The wire brush is a handy tool for tidying up your pot. The wire is soft enough so that it doesn't damage the pot but hard enough to remove any stubborn dirt on it. The root cutter is a handy tool for cutting roots because it has a straight blade. The blade is absolutely straight so it cuts cleanly on the root. The tweezer is another handy tool for cleaning in the pot. This particular one has little serrations at the end that help close onto the branch or the weed that you're going to pull out. The wooden chopsticks and the metal chopsticks basically have the same purpose and it removes, the metal one, repotting demonstration but the wooden one has exactly the same purpose. Sometimes it's not so easy to come by a metal one but the wooden chopstick does the job just as well. The bonsai turntable, an essential part of any bonsai toolkit, ideal for helping you look at the tree from all angles while you're pruning or while you're repotting. And that is how you use bonsai tools.

Uploaded: 07/10/2014 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz;Johnny Gires Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
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