Serissa Mount Fuji or Japanese Serrisa Excellent Bonsai Trees for Beginners

Serrisa Mount Fuji or Japanese Serrisa has beautiful, delicate, small pink to white, star-shaped, flowers. It is sub-tropical, variegated evergreen, and can bloom profusely for long period of the year. They are easy to care for, need copious amounts of water, humidity and light are great beginner bonsai trees.

Uploaded: 09/11/2015 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
Tags: Ma-Ke Bonsai;Bonsai;Bonsai Trees;Ma-Ke School of Bonsai;Serissa (Organism Classification);Tree (Literature Subject);Japan;Gardening (Interest);Bonsai Trees for Beginners

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