Fruiting Bonsai Trees - Bonsai Trees for Beginners

This video explore all the various fruiting bonsai species that are available for Bonsai Beginners to explore and add to their collections. The joys of growing fruiting bonsai trees are compounded by the fact that many of these species have volumes of flowers in spring followed by the fruiits which in many chases last for many months on the bonsai, giving each of these species spectacular year around colour and character.

Uploaded: 02/12/2015 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
Tags: Ma-Ke Bonsai;Bonsai;Bonsai Trees;Ma-Ke School of Bonsai;Fruiting Bonsai;Pyractantha Bonsai;Cotoneaster Bonsai;Olive Bonsai;Pomegranate Bonsai;Orange Bonsai;Crab Apple Bonsai

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