Japanese White Pine Bonsai are great Bonsai Trees for Beginners

The Japanese White Pine or Pinus parviflora are very traditional and highly sought after Bonsai Species. They grow well in most of Europe as long as you can manage the wetness of the winter months.

Japanese White Pine is a great, great bonsai species in Japan. There are some stunning specimens of Japanese White Pine in Japan and they are often winning prizes at the Prime Minister's, the Prime Minister's prizes and trophies in Japan. The Japanese White Pine needles reduce quite well. The branches ramify very well. The Japanese White Pine is mainly known because it has a white or blue line down the needle. The bark is grey to dark grey in colour. The Japanese White Pine needs to be located in a sunny spot. Most pines or all pines need to be on the drier side because they grow with microconidial fungi so keep the pines on the dry side. In terms of location they should be in full Sun to help with the growth of it. Propagation. Usually the Japanese White Pine is grown by grafting onto black root stock or black pine root stock so it's best to try and get one from a nursery and then grow it on yourself. And that's how you will grow a Japanese White Pine.

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