How to Bonsai: Watering Bonsai Trees - Beginners Bonsai Trees Series

Learning how to water a Bonsai Correctly is critical to being a successful Bonsai Artist. This video tutorial shows you how to and when to water bonsai pots and some common pit falls to avoid.

My name is Mark DCruz of Ma-Ke Bonsai and I'm going to talk to you about watering bonsais. Why is water important to bonsai? Bonsai, like other plants and animals, are made up of the majority of water. Plants -between 70 to 95 % of water. Plants need water to distribute food within the tree. Plants need water to take the raw materials up from the roots to the leaves. Plants need water to make the food. Plants need water to distribute the toxins that it makes to fight off other diseases and pests. We have watering cans and the different kinds, large and small but the most important thing about a watering can is that it should have a large spout or a long spout and the rose should be fine. Now the watering hose and lance both need fine roses. The roses have a number of holes in them that is quite substantial and the watering lance can distribute about 40 litres per minute. So watering with the watering lance is quite fast but also needs to be very carefully managed. When we are watering with the watering can, we need to make sure that the rose is pointing upwards and the water lies gently onto the pot surface. You only need to water a pot if it feels dry to the touch. If it feels damp, if it feels like a wet rag, it doesn't need to be watered. Once you watered the pot, just make sure that you go up and down the pot three times. The first time helps the top surface absorb some water. The second time, some of the water goes down to the bottom of the pot. The final watering ensures that watering goes all the way down and fills up the pot. When you're watering with the lance, make sure that the lance is pointing upwards again and that the water falls gently onto the bonsai pot. Again, ensure that you do not water a pot if it is wet to the touch. You only water it when it is dry to the touch. You only water a bonsai in the morning. In the afternoon, sometimes in the middle of summer, perhaps you could water it just lightly, but more often than not you'll just wet the leaves. Once again, when you're watering with the lance, do a three pass system. One. To water the surface so that the water penetrates into the surface. Two, so that some of the water penetrates into the pot and the third pass is so that water finally passes right into it. And thats how we water a bonsai.

Uploaded: 07/10/2014 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
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