Mulberry Bonsai repotting - Morus nigra easy Bonsai Trees for Beginners

This Mulberry is nineteen year old mulberry Bonsai that has been growing in this garden pot for three yeas since it was taken out of the ground. It is now being potted on into a training bonsai pot part of its next step in training it on as exhibition bonsai material.

Thats a nice set of roots. The plant is growing well. Its a 19 year old root ball, well work our way down. Now that weve worked our way cleaning all around the root ball, by removing all the roots that were growing round and round the root pot. You can see weve removed quite a mass of roots. Choose tools. We call them dibbers but maybe chopsticks, I guess, thats an explanation of them. So you work from the top down, removing the soil from the edges to the centre. Move from the edges to the centre of the root, at each stage exposing... You can see the nebari is starting to be exposed there. More and more of the trunk base. As you work, cut away the soil. By moving away the soil bit by bit, you can [inaudible] Some nicely shaped roots. The nebari on this tree is still quite elusive. The root ball is now ready to be repotted and we take it on from there. This is our pre-prepared bowl that weve made earlier. And this is a training pot. I call this a training pot. Its been wired and meshed up so bugs and insects dont get inside and the soil doesnt fall outside. This pot should hold the tree for the next 3 5 years while it is training and well develop it for showing at a later date. We start off first by filling the bottom of the pot with bonsai soil, the soil I prepared earlier, a mix of Acadama, some pumice, some bark, and the grain size is between 6 and 9 mm, slightly on the larger size because this is a much larger tray. We then take the root ball and push it down until its firmly placed into the pot and then fill it with bonsai soil. Fill the pot up properly. Use a mallet to help the soil settle in. And then we tie in the root ball into the pot so that it doesnt move when it is being watered. Use the Jin pliers to pull and tighten. The tree is now ready for the world. There we are. One repotted Mulberry tree.

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