Japanese Black Pine Bonsai or Pinus thunbergii Bonsai easy Bonsai trees for Beginners

The Japanese Black Pine or Pinus thunbergii are favorite bonsai trees in Japan. This video introduces the pinus thunbergii which are great bonsai trees for beginners. They have been imported in vast numbers into the UK , Europe and even the USA.

The Japanese Black Pine, or Pinus Thunbergii has been a bonsai specimen for ages and ages. In Japan they form some of the best specimens of bonsais that that are in existence, perhaps even the most expensive. They have dark green needles that are quite sturdy compared to a Japanese White Pine or even a Pinus Sylvestris thing. The bark is light brown to a dark brown or even black as the tree ages with the ages. The Japanese Black Pine likes a full sun position so if you like the colour of the leaves to turn really dark, then it needs the full sun. You prune the Japanese Black Pine, at least in the UK, only once a year because we don't have that kind of so fast a growth as you would perhaps in Japan. You prune again when lateral shoots have developed. You pluck away needles from two years old and three year old needles or needles that have started turning yellow. In terms of repotting. You report again, we repot in the UK or at least I repot in the UK, July August when temperatures are well settled. Propagation of Japanese Black Pine. They actually propagate quite easily from seeds and that's how you would grow a Japanese Black Pine.

Uploaded: 29/12/2015 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
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