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The Evergreen Pistachio or Pistacia lentiscus is fast becoming a great bonsai species in Europe and in the UK too. It grows very well in the southern parts. It is full of character has very Corky bark, and evergreen bi-pinnate leaves.

The Evergreen pistachio is becoming very popular as a bonsai in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean regions. Its scientific name is Pistacia Lenticus. It is identified by the fact that it has pinnate leaves. The leaves are dark green to a lightish green. They are on little red petals. The bark is beautifully craggly, a dark brown to a dirty brown. They are grown in a full sun location. They are not frost tolerant, at least in the UK and cooler parts of Europe so it's best in Winter to put them in a cool greenhouse out of the snow and the frost. You can prune the pistachio when the side branches or lateral branches have developed, usually July August is a great time. You can repot pistachios early to late spring. They enjoy being repotted every three to four years is great for all the pistachios. In terms of propagation, pistachios are not so easy to propagate, especially if you want a fruiting one so it's best to have a nursery, buy one from a nursery. If you're going to buy a sapling, well grow it in the ground and thicken it up before you cut it back. And that's how you would grow a pistachio as a bonsai.

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