Preparing a Bonsai Pot for Repotting - Bonsai Trees for Beginners Series

This a simple but crucial task in bonsai repotting and one which seem to cause much consternation amongst bonsai beginners. The video clearly and simply demonstrates how to do so, with little fuss and minimal resources. While many way prepare pot for repotting, this video demonstrates a simple, and easy method and one that conserves both material and energy resources.

My name is Mark DCruz of Ma-Ke Bonsai and I have Johnny Gires here with me. Today were going to demonstrate how to wire a bonsai pot. We will require a small set of tools: scissors, jin pliers, wire cutters, 2mm wire and 1.5 mm wire and the mesh, and of course the bonsai pot that were going to be working with. We try not to waste too much of the mesh so the mesh is exactly the right size. Notice that he removes any of the edges that are going to be there. Now we're going to build the 2 mm U clip. He measures the clip to fit inside just snuggly into the hole. This is the simplest form of binding the mesh to the pot. You have two little legs that you bend over. Firm it against the bonsai pot. Cut off any excess wire so that it doesnt hit any of the display tables at a later stage. Ensure that it is parallel to the length of the pot, and now well put in the second wire. The wire should go basically around the pot once. Cut off two lengths. So you thread the pot on the closest side of the ceramic. Down the other side, and on one side, you have a long arm and on the other side, you have a short arm. Then do the same thing with the second wire. Weve got the wires settled out and spread out so that later on, when you put the root ball inside, it will bind it quite nicely. And thats how you wire a bonsai pot.

Uploaded: 07/10/2014 Presenter: Mark D'Cruz;Johnny Gires Film by: Sandra Rychlicka
Tags: Bonsai Wire;Wiring a Bonsai Pot;Preparing a Bonsai Pot"

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